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Pandemic Response Tools


Location Rules & Movement

Secure Citizen Check-In

Push Notifications & Alarms

Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Movement Permits

Immunity Passport

The Citizen JRNY Platform: Pandemic Response Tools are based on a secure, robust platform proven to work effectively and efficiently for large populations. Governments and large-scale organizations can feel secure in knowing that their populations are being properly managed through a platform that enables them to update travel restrictions, communicate directly, and create immunity passports.

With identity management at its core, the Citizen JRNY Platform can safely and securely identify and verify individuals according to their quarantine status, location, and permissions. Quickly deployable, interoperable with dozens of technologies, and accessible in a configurable dashboard, the Citizen JRNY Platform: Pandemic Response Tools is the only platform needed to manage restrictions and requirements before, during and after a pandemic.


Quarantine Administration

  • Location-based radius restrictions
  • Time window for secure check-in
  • Pre-set check-in intervals
  • Randomized check-in intervals
  • Pre-approved essential location management

Quarantine Dashboard:

  • Command and Control from any Device
  • Live Monitoring & Tracking of Metrics
  • Live Status Maps
  • Alarms and Field Personnel Mapped for Proximity Response

Communications to/from Citizens:

  • Check-in health survey questions 
  • Best Practices and Tips
  • Alerts and Instructions
  • Message Response Requirements
  • Personalization

Contact Tracing & Analytics:

  • Customized Reporting
  • Anonymous Data Sharing
  • Live Research Data
  • Data and Maps by Demographic


Quarantine Registration

Auto & Group Registration by Type:

  • Tested Positive
  • High Risk
  • Exposed
  • Recovered

Secure Mobile App Check-In

  • OTP password – sms to authenticate app on device
  • On-device biometrics
  • Selfie picture with facial recognition and analytics
  • Health Survey Questions

Movement Permit & Immunity Passport

  • Geolocation Radius Restriction for Check-In
  • Location & Movement Permissions & Alerts
  • WiFi Network Location and Recognition
  • Digital Immunity Passport Functionality

Secure Contact Tracing

  • Privacy Protection Built-In
  • Location & Movement Tracing
  • Live Alerts in Active Locations
  • Seamless Experience Within Mobile App


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